Things to do - general

 Things to do in Zagreb;

1) Stroll the cobblestone streets of the Upper Town

The Upper Town is full of charm and it gathers a lot of Zagreb interest points such as the Dolac market, St Mark Church, the museum of broken relationships, Kamenita Vrata (Stone gate), and the cathedral (Kaptol). The Upper Town is exciting and calm at the same time. It is like “sleeping beauty” offering its charms and stopping time to let you enjoy its beauty and wealth.
St. Mark Square is emblematic of the Upper Town and of the city of Zagreb. In the centre of the square is St. Mark church, famous for its roof representing coat of arms of the Tripartite Kingdom (Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia) and those of the city of Zagreb. The architect who made this roof is the famous Herman Bolle who also directed the restoration of the Cathedral and the cemetery of Mirogoj.


2) Shop at Zagreb’s farmers’ market

Zagreb’s colourful fruit and vegetable market is just north of Trg Bana Jelačića. The locals call this large market as the Belly of Zagreb. Traders from all over Croatia come to sell their products at this buzzing centre of activity. But this is more than just a place of trade. In this factured capital of Upper and Lower towns, the Doalc is a constant, a hub of classless social interaction, a weathervane of the local economy and Zagreb’s connection with the surrounding villages, even with distant Dalmatia. Around the square are little bars and eateries offering cheap late-morning lunches. Daily from 7am, the Dolac is abuzz unitll the early afternoon.


3) Explore Zagreb’s parks

Don’t be afraid of long walks in the city because parsk in Zagreb will impress you along the way.
Maksimir is the biggest and most beautiful park in Zagreb and it holds a special significance for the citizens of Zagreb. Opened to the public in 1794, it was the first public promenade in southeastern Europe. It’s landscaped like an English garden, with alleys, lawns and artifical lakes.
Lenunci Horseshoe takes its name from 19th century designer Milan Lenuci and forms a U shape in Zagreb’s Lower Town. If you needed a reminder that you’re in the former Austro-Hungarian empire, this handsome series of squares, fountains and grand buildings will make it clear enough. Two attractions in the Horseshoe include the Botanical Garden, collecting 10 000 plants species from around the world and the elaborate Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb’s premier venue for ballet, opera and drama.


4) Taste delitious food in Zagreb

Being a capital of Croatia, Zageb really has an excellent restaruant scene. Despite that the town still somehow lacks in choices of restaurants serving different ethnic food, even this part of Zagreb food scene started developing in the last few years, you can really eat well in Zagreb, and not necessary expensive. Big trend lately are small, bistro-style restaurants serving fresh food based on seasonal ingredients.


5) Visit Museums

Wheather you are an art & history lover or not, when thinking of things to do in Zagreb, consider visiting some of Zagreb museums and art galleries.
Museum of broken relationship, a museum that exhibits memories of broken relationships, each one followed by a short and emotional description. The idea alone is so simple, yet it’s perfect. There’s nothing like this museum in the entire world. It’ll sure give you some goosebumps and make you relate to all those destinies that are so different, yet we’ve all been there, on way or another.
Museum of ilusion delivers a fantastic sensory adventure to visitors of all ages. Children in particular are in for a great time. The Slanted Room or the Mirror of Truth are among 70-plus intriguing exhibits, hologram pictures, puzzles and educational games that offer up a fun mental workout.


6) Visit Zagreb Cathedral

This great landmark is formally known as the Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This spot si not to be missed while you’re visiting Zagreb. This masterpiece is one of the most iconic monuments of the city. The Cathedral survived one earthquake and many reconstructions that transformed it into a neo-gothic monument. The inside of it is just as astonishing as the outside. Probably the most iconic part of this Cathedral is the twin towers that can be seen from far away.


7) Go out in Tkalčićeva street or sip a coffe for hours in some of local bars

Nowhere is coffee culture so strong, so obvisous and so important as it is in Zagreb. You will notice this social phenomenon soon as you start expoloring the city. Beautiful outdoor terraces are fitted with sun umbrellas during the summer, and gas heaters during the winter, and they are always full regardless of a time of day you pass by.
Wheather you’re in need of some live music at a bar or a good sit-down meal, Tkalčićeva street should be your first port of call. It’s where local people go to enjoy themselves. By day Tkalčićeva is a chariming street of low-rise painted houses with balconies and awnings that you can appreciate on a romantic amble. And when the sun goes down you’ll have your pick of Zagreb’s best cafes, restaurants and nightspots.


8) Take a shortest funicular in the world

The small Zagreb Funicular was opened in 1893 with steam engines that were repleced to electric engines in 1934. It since kept its original shape and most of its technical properies, which consequently gave it it’s current status of monument of culture. The leght of the line is only 66 meters (217ft) which makes it one of the shortest funiculars in the world. But at the same time it ascends 30,5 meters (100ft) which gives in an inclination of 52%, so it’s also one of the steepest funiculars in the world. The entire ride takes 55 seconds, so sit back and enjoy the view.

9) Visit Zagreb’s most famous cemetery – Mirogoj

A 10 minutes ride north of the city centre (or a 30 minutes walk through leafy streets) takeas you to one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Eureope, sited at the base of Mt Medvednica. It was designed in 1876 by Austrian architect Herman Bolle. The majestic arcade, topped by a sting of cupolas, looks like a fortress from the outside, but feels calm and graceful on the inside. The lush cemetery is criss-crossed by paths and dotted with sculptures and artfully designed tombs.


10) Hike Medvednica Mountin

Medvednica Mountain is located north of Zagreb and its slopes are integral part of the town. There are many hiking trails on the Medvednica and they become very busy with locals on weekends. You can find several small restaurants along the hiking trails where you can have simple traditional meal, like beans or roasted potatoes, or a delicous apple pie. And the prices are very affordable. Popular landmarks of the Medvednica mountain include remains of Medvedgrad, a medieval fortified town; caves and spirngs, like Veternica and Zdenac; chapels and churches. If you like to feel like local, hiking should definitely be on your list of things to do in Zagreb.





Languages spokenCroatian
Currency usedKuna (HRK)
Area (km2)641,32

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